Monday, June 29, 2009

Felix d'Eon

was born in Guadalajara, Mexico to a Mexican mother and a French father. He moved to America by the age of 5, and spent his childhood and teenage years moving around Southern Californian and Mexico. His mother, a fashion designer, was very accepting of his homosexuality and encouraging of his artistic inclinations, so at 18 he moved to San Francisco where he has lived ever since, with long breaks spent in Tennessee, New Orleans, Hawaii, and Hollywood. He attended the Academy of Art University, a school that emphasizes classical technique, and he graduated 4 years ago with honours. He put himself through school and worked for some years afterwards as an artist’s model, but has recently found some measure of success as an artist, and has decided to devote himself full time to his craft.
Felix's work is collected the world over, by individuals who marvel at his technical abilities, appreciate his mastery of the male form, enjoy his classical narrative scenarios, and enjoy the pleasures afforded by his beautiful models.

On his blog [latest post: December 15, 2008] he writes: "I am a gay, Mexican artist living in San Francisco and totally devoted to the art of the male nude. I have a twin whom I love very much and who is my co-conspirator in evil (the very talented musician Marcelito d'Eon), and have a positive addiction to travelling, which I do as often and for as long as possible, preferably to exotic places where the people wear awesome clothes or else don't wear clothes at all (costumes being my other great artistic love, although rarely post my travel drawings)."


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These images come from the Catamite Gay Collections which, as we all know, are no longer available.

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