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John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)

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These images come from the Catamite Gay Asian Collections which as we all know is no longer available.

John William Waterhouse was born in Rome, and was always known by his family, and personal friends as Nino, the diminutive of the Italian Giovanino. Both his parents were artists. What is known indicates he was a retiring, shy man.
Early in his career Waterhouse established his style. It changed little, but he continually refined it. He was an eclectic painter. He painted Pre-Raphaelite pictures in a more modern manner.
In the mid-1880s Waterhouse began exhibiting with the Grosvenor Gallery and its successor, the New Gallery, as well as at provincial exhibitions in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Paintings of this period, such as Mariamne, were exhibited widely in England and abroad as part of the international symbolist movement. The well-known Italian male model, Angelo Colorossi, who sat for Leighton, Millais, Sargent, Watts, Burne-Jones and many other Victorian artists, also sat for Waterhouse.
Mr J. W. Waterhouse died at his house in St John's Wood on Saturday, after a long illness in his 68th year.

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