Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peter Flinsch (1920- )

although Flinsch is now a Canadian citizen, he was born in 1920 into a well-to-do upper-bourgeois family whose home was Leipzig, Germany. Educated at liberal, private boarding schools, he served during World War II in the German air force. It was not a happy experience. In 1942 he was accused of homosexual behavior by a sergeant who disliked him. "I hadn't done what I was accused of," Flinsch says, "but I knew I was gay and admitted I had gay feelings during my court-martial. It was quite enough for the military court to find me guilty."
When he was 35, he settled in Montreal where he joined the newly formed television services of Radio-Canada as a designer and art director. He worked on a great diversity of television programs and created designs for children's shows, operas, dramas, weekly series and variety shows.
In addition to his professional activities, he created a huge volume of work consisting of drawings, paintings and sculptures. After a period of close-to-abstract art his work became more and more figurative and was chiefly dedicated to the depiction of the male body. Following his departure from Radio-Canada in 1985 this creative thrust was given full expression. Flinsch is represented in public and private collections in Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, and France. Besides LLGAF he has had solo shows at galleries in Montreal, Toronto, and Oshawa in Canada; Amsterdam in the Netherlands; and Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Lübeck, and Hagen in Germany.

source: Peter Flinsch website

These images come from the Catamite Gay Asian Collections which, as we all know, are no longer available.

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