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Pierre and Gilles

One is a painter, the other photographer.
Pierre Commoy was born at La Roche sur Yon in France. At the age of thirteen he was already singing at the casino in Luchon. He studied in Geneva and did his military service in Provins. In 1973 he arrived in Paris where he did his first photographic work for music and fashion magazines.
Gilles Blanchard was born at Le Havre in France as one of nine siblings. At the age of fifteen he entered the Academy of Art there and graduated with distinction. In 1973 he moved to Paris, where he did collages and paintings as well as illustrations for magazines and advertisements.
1976 Pierre and Gilles meet at a party and leave together.
1977 They decide to collaborate on artistic work, made a visit Morocco together and begin to work, mixing painting by Gilles with photographs by Pierre, creating a fantastic, unique, maybe even overly romanticised world. Addressing issues such as gay culture and pop culture, based on their experiences during their many trips.
1978 They design the invitation to a Thierry Mugler fashion show. They work for magazines such as Marie Claire, Playboy and design album covers. They move into a studio in the Bastille quarter of Paris.
1979 Every evening their photos are projected on the wall of PALACE a Paris discoteque for which they also design posters.
1980 They visit Sri Lanka and the Maldives Islands. They do their first open air work "Les Enfants des Iles" (series) Magazine Covers include Actuel, Samourai, Gay Pied.
1982 They exhibit in a group show at the Viviane Esders Gallery, Paris. They provide designs for Lio and Etienne Daho album covers.
1983 Solo Exhibition at Texbraun Gallery, Paris. Work from their sequences "Les Paradis" and "Les Garcons de Paris" is exhibited.
1984 Exhibition at Atelier 84 in the Musee d Art Moderne and the Centre Georges Pompidou , Paris.
1985 First Retrospective of their work in Japan at the Ginza Gallery. They do the first of four album covers for the Japanese Singer Sandii. Exhibition at Saluces Gallery, Avignon.
1986 they created their first video "Naufrage en hiver" for Mikado. Solo shows at Samia Saouma Gallery, Paris, Musee d'Art Contemporain Montreal.
(from the book "Pierre et Gilles" 1993 by Benedict Taschen , Cologne Germany ISBN 3-8228-9377-3).

Their productions are sought after by magazines, but other artists also call this couple the 'image out of the ordinary'. They realized album covers for Lio, Etienne Daho the English group Erasure, Khaled and the Japanese singer Sandiya, and did book-covers for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Sylvie Vartan. Their pictures are copied around the world and more recently they had had exhibitions in China. In 2007, Le Jeu de Paume opened its doors. Pierre et Gilles created a parallel universe.
Their success continues to spread throughout the world, proof that the world of kitsch, too, is fascinating.

Biographie de Pierre et Gilles
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These images come from the Catamite Gay Asian Collections which, as we all know, are no longer available.

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