Monday, June 15, 2009

Sadao Hasegawa (1945 ? - 1999)

Dear friends,
In this blog I will treat you with the most beautiful images and artist in the world. Well that's my opinion anyway. These images come from the Catamite Gay Asian Collections which as we all know are no longer available.

Today I'll start by introducing to you Sadao Hasegawa a talented Japanese painter. This talented Tokyoite was obsessed from his childhood by visions of tremendous sexual power, often based on Japanese Folk-tales and Matsuri (Festival-Lore). His work has been used for many years by the major Japanese Gay Magazines for their marvelous covers and story illustrations. Because of rather stringent (and out-of-date) censorship laws his work was almost always doctored with patches, shadings, and chopping. It has never been published in it's original form in Japan.
Technically his work is amazing. He burns the edges of his paper, drips paint, makes smudges or cum-stains, all very deliberately for effect. His control and color are breathtaking. Unfortunately his very explicit images tend to shock most people and even if they admire his work they don't buy it. For some reason they worry too much about what someone else will think. (Aunt Tillie - mother ???).
Few Galleries will display it and putting them before the market has proven to be a bit more than difficult. The price was kept low, considering the costs of the separations, paper and the quality of printing.
Sadao ended his life by committing suicide on November 20, 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Garçon Stupide said...

This is the largest collection of his work I've yet seen - amazing. There's only one collection of his work available and it's impossible to come by.

Forbidden Light said...

Sadao is #1 on my list!