Friday, July 3, 2009

11 artists, a gallery ...

Are we experiencing a revolution in the arts of the male body? I think we do. Some tell me: "It's so hard these days to find male nudes in the arts." But I don't think so. It's never been around this much since the renaissance. The list of artists creating paintings, photo's and sculptures of the male nude is almost endless.
Just to give you some examples:
I'll start by a small country like the Netherlands (I agree relatively open-minded, but still subject to the porn=money relationship).
One gallery Faubourg for example hosts "1. Fred Blei, 2. Hannes Steinert, 3. Heiko Noack Plas, 4. Herman Schulte, 5. Jacques Gregoire, 6. Martin Arz, 7. Riccardo Rosatti, 8. Rinaldo Hopf, 9. Wim van Gerven, 10. Jaap v. Ek, 11. Martin-Jan Van Santen" (previews below).


At this very moment the following artists have a running exhibition (we are still in the Netherlands):
Alexander von Agoston (painting), Ron Amir (painting), Wiebren Arema (painting), Martin Arz (painting), Roland Berger (graphics), Valentin Bakardjiev (painting), Stephen Beale (sculpture), Johan van Breukelen (photography), Ewoud Broeksma (photography), Robert Cash (painting/drawing), Danny Cobbaut (painting), Dennis Coenraad (sculpture), Peter Colstee (painting), Joost Dirken (mixed media), Uli Dirkorte (painting/aquarel), Jaap van Ek (painting), Mario de Graaf (painting), Jan Mattheus de Grauw (mixed media), Frank Gabriël (photography), Jan Griffioen (photography), Bastiaan de Groot (sculpture), Douglas Holtquist (sculpture), Albert Jongs (photography), Marcel Joosen (sculpture), Pascual Jordan (painting), Jannes Koetsier (painting), René Kuipers (painting), Rolf Maas (painting/photography/sculpture/drawing), Cornelius McCarthy (aquarel/drawing), Bart Mertens (painting/drawing), Caroline van der Merwe (sculpture), Klaas Mulder (sculpture en ceramics), Michaël Müller (painting), Muskboy (drawing [pen]/aquarel), Frans van Oirschot (painting), Peter Schauwecker (painting/aquarel), Wim Poort (painting), Sacrevoir (painting/drawing), Martin-Jan van Santen (painting), Harald Seiwert (photography), Reinoud Stam (sculpture), Hannes Steinert (lino’s and etching), Antoine Timmermans (ceramics), Freek Weidema (sculpture), Sander Wiersma (aquarel/mixed media), Erik Tode (mixed media), Marcel Warmenhoven (ceramics), Hay Wijnhoven (sculpture/graphics), René Zuiderveld (photography), Nebojsa Zdravkovic (painting). All on our beloved subject.
While 'overview' exhibitions like the one at pulchri studio's (where I first found out about MuskBoy) have already closed down.

That's just the Netherlands you say, what about the rest of the world? Well ask Leon Engelen, he's just as passionate about the subject as I am and created an extensive list of fellow artists (15 pages), which will keep you busy for the next couple of months.
Don't forget artists are people too and need to be fed once in a while. Buy something! Even if you can only afford a small sketch made by an art student. BUY it!! (damn you!, buy!)

Follow your passion,
PS. Some of these images come from the Catamite Gay Collections which are no longer available.

I've added links to the names as I found them.

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