Friday, July 31, 2009

Antonio Rueda

was born in Seville, Spain.
Like many successful artists he did not have a formal education in painting, but was always artistic and painted a lot when he was a child. He had an education in Human resources and graduated in Art History in 2005.
He is multi talented as shown by his directorship for the theatre company 'ESCENA ABIERTA' from Seville, but his real passion lies with painting.
His work captures a great feel for a life of passion, eroticism under a hot Mediterranean sun.
He writes: "I think that homo-erotic art comes from the depths of the soul, where we show the truth plainly and without fear. Art is like a life, this is my philosophy. We must be consistent the art is expression of the emotions and to be able communicate with the people and make happy to them."
Antonio is influenced by artists that express themselves in vibrant colours and strong forms like: Paul Klee, MirĂ³, and Frida Kahalo. Influences such fashion, cinema, photography and theatre are essential in his work.

His interest also broadens to surrealism and symbolism, pop art and all contemporary gays paintings and artists. He organizes exhibitions for fellow artist with verve and passion.

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