Saturday, July 18, 2009

Souw TikHien

Souw TikHien (Hokkien pronounciation), or Su Di Heng (PIN-YIN notation) was born in Bandung, Indonesia (1965) and is currently residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
He is from an Asian (peranakan) background with European upbringing. He uses traditional Asian materials and expressions to articulate western paradigm in an effort to bridge cultural and artistic differences.
His work consists mostly of line-art and drawings in ink and mixed media paintings on (rice-)paper. Often using a combination of materials that can only be described as delicate and which leaves no room for mistakes. His work can be found in the (on-line) collection of William Maltese, in private collections in Taiwan, Ireland, the Netherlands and was sold among art lovers in Belgium, Italy, France, Swiss and the United States.
His on-line gallery can be found at, his video exposures at youtube and exhibition announcements are published through souwthee.blogspot.

These images come from the Catamite Gay Collections which are no longer available.

Modern artists are often no longer bound to one medium as I mentioned before on Peter Flinch who is also a gifted television maker. So is TikHien also a dancer. I've included some examples here.

You can see more of his movements and erotic escapades:
He has a blog on sensuality, livejasmin video performances and nudodoll's Public Videos (previews).
If you're lover of this kind of work and/or want to support the artist, you might like to invest in his work while he's climbing.
For questions and info, you can chat with the artist at:
MSN: souwtikhien[at], gayromeo or fridae.
Follow him on FaceBook.

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Update 7/19/09 2:27
Removed price-indications on request by the artist.

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