Monday, July 13, 2009

Symon (1947-..)

Born in 1947, Symon has lived in Bali since 1978 and is best known for his bold portraits of sensual young Balinese men, done in vivid tropical colours and often to an exaggerated scale, as in his series of Big Heads. His energetic and sometimes whimsical take on Balinese life and landscapes makes a refreshing change from the more sedate traditional views so popular with many other Ubud artists.

Symon's Studio

The Art Zoo - Alas Sari
Art lovers from everywhere will point up that Symon's studio in Champuan, Ubud-Bali, is the hot spot to find a new pop contemporary lifestyle.
Symon Studio's can be compared to an art workshop like in the times of Rembrandt, this means not all work you buy at the studio's are made by 'the master' himself. Some paintings are made by 'students', which often are truth artists by themselves or by artists that joined the studio's for inspiration and the beautiful surroundings. You will be amazed to see so many original paintings at reasonable prices. An opportunity on your trips to Bali compared to the usual souvenirs you bring home.

Art Zoo North East


These images come from the Catamite Gay Collections which are no longer available.

- Symon's Lovebook of Fine Oils can be downloaded as an e-book!
- Symon's Circus at the Art Zoo by Symon Studios (Book) in Arts & Photography : A pop comic collection of Symon's work and impressions in a comic book format. Funny, whimsical, maybe a little insane. It's all par for the course at Symon's Circus!
the book can be downloaded as an e-book, or ordered in paperback on-line.

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