Thursday, October 1, 2009

Classics from the 'New world'

I could only find three pictures of nude men from the early America's and even two of those were made by European conquerors to show off their supremacy. One image however depicts a Mayan couple who are clearly in an amorous constraint kissing each other. I could not trace the originality of the image, but it suggests that amorous relationships among men were, at least once, recognized as a form of art. Anthropologists mention vast differences in attitude towards gay- or boy/man relationships among native tribes. Where in some groups these were commonly accepted while neighbouring groups recognized the tendencies towards these relationships but regarded them taboo.
Nudity, although common in 'the streets', was rarely depicted among native Americans on both subcontinents. Statues of embracing figures have been found in a highly stylized manner which suggest a ritual purpose rather then erotic aesthetics.

(Sorry 'bout that. I shouldn't do a subject when I haven't got the pics to support it. The third one 's not even a nude!)

The last decades the gay arts movement in south America is exploding with independent young talent with fresh new styles. I have mentioned some of them on this blog before and I'll definitely tell you more about some later.

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sensorial said...

Just go look in the cultural museum in Lima Peru to see how the Inca people depicted erotic art, nothing inhibited about that!
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